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NYC Pastry Shop introduces the "Crookie"

TikTok Trends inspire weird and wonderful food mashups.

What is this about?

The "Crookie" is the latest sensation in baked goods—a half-baked choc chip cookie dough croissant from Paris now at Janie's Life Changing Baked Goods in NYC. Its viral popularity on social media reflects consumers' love for cross-cultural fusion, blending French pastry with American chocolate chip cookies for a novel flavour adventure.

Multiple crookies on a tray

Why is it interesting?

Macphie, the internationally renowned food ingredient manufacturer, claims that hybrid baked goods are booming. It noted a 16% increase in requests for bakery mash-ups from restaurant and pub-chain customers in the last quarter of 2023. This trend, which initially gained momentum in 2022, continues to evolve as the out-of-home market embraces unconventional sweet and savoury combinations on menus.

Offering a unique twist on traditional favourites plays to our Future Code, EuphoriaVille. And its opportunity to 'Be Sensational' by taking sensorial pleasure to the next level through technology and multi-sensorial design.

So What?

Diving into the realm of hybrid delights, like the famous 'Cronut' (croissant meets doughnut) or 'Fluffin' (flapjack meets muffin), this trend goes beyond the bakery with sushi doughnuts, sushi burritos, or 'Machos' - macaroni cheese and nachos. Customers are drawn to quirky flavour combos, driven by a desire for adventure in their diets, and influenced by social media. Brand Innovation can capitalise on this trend to tap into a fear of missing out culture.

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