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Clarks Originals Pays Homage to its African Roots

With its latest philanthropic partnership, Clarks invests in the students of Ghana.

What is this about?

Clarks Originals has a rich and storied relationship with Africa and the Black diaspora. From its first footwear line, inspired by suede boots found in Cairo's bazaars, to being the shoe of choice for Jamaican men for nearly 70 years.

As part of an ongoing content series that features black creatives, they've partnered with Ghanaian-American, Creative Director Kwabena Asante, aka "K.O.", to donate pairs of Wallabees™ and contribute towards school supplies for the students of King Rich Academy in Ghana. As a nod to Ghana's rich history, K.O. designed a golden fob for each pair to symbolize how prior to Ghana's independence the country was referred to as the Gold Coast, due to the large supply of Gold found in land. Each fob also features the “Sankofa” Symbol - which means to reach back and get it — for Clarks this means to reach back to their roots and support where they can.

Creative Director Kwabena Asante infront of a billboard

Why is it interesting?

Clarks does more than target and represent a diverse audience in its marketing activities. They leverage our Future Code, WeTopia and its opportunity to become a positive activist for social change via 'Inclusivity DNA'.

So What?

Clarks is built on strong community values and by positioning inclusivity at the centre of their DNA, they've moved the brand and the communities they serve forward.

Brands who want to be profitable, philanthropic, and full of great stories, must do as they say when it comes to building the world in which they aspire to live.

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