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Redefining Outfit Selection

Choiced empowers style choices with real people, not algorithms.

What is this about?

By harnessing the power of crowdsourcing, Choiced is an app that simplifies and humanises outfit selection. First, users upload outfit photos and details about the occasion; then, they receive real-time feedback and suggestions from a global community of fashion enthusiasts.

A person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

Why is it interesting?

Choiced's social-media-driven approach provides diverse perspectives and reflects a shift toward collaborative decision-making in the digital age. VML's 'The Future 100:2024' report states, "Community and connection at scale are essential, with 67% of people agreeing that community is more important than one individual and 76% believing that technology helps bring people together."

Empowering users to make confident fashion choices with the support of a vibrant and engaged community places Choiced within our Future Code, Joyning. And its opportunity to Be a Companion - a space where brands are finding IRL and digital ways to become a catalyst for social connection.

So What?

The power of AI lies in its ability to aggregate solutions based on what's trending and most popular. However, it also lacks the human context and real-life expertise found through lived experiences. Tapping into real people's insights provides diverse experiences and expertise in a world dominated by bots, where genuine human reviews and recommendations reign supreme.

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