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Chocolate that Rocks Our Soul

Vosges Haut-Chocolat releases a unique collection of chocolate bars that Tom Petty's music has serenaded.

What is this about?

Science and art come together, as this delicious creation is born from the belief that music can influence the crystallisation of chocolate. As the chocolate resides in the cooling tunnel, Tom's music serenades it, impacting the end flavour notes, offering fans and chocolate lovers an extraordinary tasting experience.

Why is it interesting?

This creation is as weird as it is wonderful, and we're here for that! Integrating sound, an intangible element, into the production process to enhance sensory pleasure gives the brand a new story to tell that is centred on taste, ensuring that it gives consumers another reason to enjoy eating chocolate.

The product reflects our Future Code, EuphoriaVille and the opportunity space, Be Sensational - where we take sensorial pleasure to the next level through technology and multi-sensorial design.

So What?

Welcome to modern alchemy. Brands should be super excited to experiment with more digital tools than ever that can push pleasure to its extremes and create never-ending opportunities for storytelling. What other marvels through modern alchemy might we uncover to offer physical and psychological benefits?

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