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Bose Audio blurs the lines between fashion and tech

Bose's Ultra Open Earbuds function as an earring and audio device

What is this about?

Bose's Ultra Open earbuds effortlessly combine fashion with technology. They resemble earrings by attaching to the outer-ear rather than being inserted. This is achieved through OpenAudio technology, where despite the speaker being slightly away from the ear, it still projects noise-canceling sound from a distance.

Promotional image for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

Why is it interesting?

Prioritizing comfort and aesthetics ensures users can wear the headphones even when music isn't playing. This effectively converts an everyday item into a vibrant expression of personal style. Bose Audio's approach is reflective of our Future Code OptiMe, and its opportunity to Empower Choice by making it easy for consumers to express their individuality.

So What?

Brands can empower consumers' self-expression and get closer to them by embracing wearable formats. This can be accomplished by letting fashion take the spotlight and your product be the backdrop.

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