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A Custom-Fit Future

Proclaim is disrupting traditional dental floss with a custom-fit mouthpiece that uses water jets to clean between teeth and under the gum line.

What is this about?

Using scans of an individual's mouth anatomy, Proclaim's software creates a 3D model. The software then places 60 proprietary heart-shaped jets at precise angles to spray liquid between the teeth and into the gum line.

Hand holding a teeth cleaning device

Why is it interesting?

Proclaim's personalized approach is a unique feature in the field of at-home oral care products. The use of 3D scanning technology to create a customized 3D model of an individual's mouth, along with proprietary jet design, aims to provide a tailored solution for each user.

This reflects our FutureCode, Opti-Me and its opportunity to go deep on data and consumer preferences to deliver precisely what they need.

So What?

In a world where one-size-fits-all is increasingly no longer desired or feasible, brands need to learn from Proclaim's lesson and master the art of tailoring solutions to deliver a superior performance and convenient experience.

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