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32°N Unveils a stylish aid for advanced vision.

Blending fashion with function, redefining everyday clarity.

What is this about?

The Muir sunglasses from 32°N are revolutionising the eyewear industry. They combine a stylish design with innovative technology, featuring adaptive liquid lenses that can be quickly switched between sun protection and reading assistance with a simple swipe of the frame. This makes them a perfect combination of fashion and functionality.

Image of a man wearing black-framed sunglasses and a dark blue shirt with a gray collar underneath.

Why is it interesting?

The introduction of liquid lens technology offers a personal glimpse into a future where our vision is enhanced for clarity and enriched interaction with our individual surroundings. This embodies our future code WonderWorlds and its opportunity Seamless Service - a space where brands find digital ways to make a deeper real-world emotional connection.

So What?

Brands can deepen their connection with consumers by using this liquid lens technology to create more personal experiences than traditional methods. By providing personalized insights, brands can create meaningful experiences that foster loyalty and a sense of belonging among customers.

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