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Cultural Innovation Safaris

Quickly learn from the leading edge of culture to spot, inspire and generate disruptive insights and opportunities.

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Our safari programs are highly curated and immersive experiences that place your team at the leading edges of culture & consumption. As one team with our collaborators, you will see what's happening now and with context so your team can think differently about where to go next.

Tailored to your brand and business needs, Safaris may include:

  • Influencer discussions
  • Retail visits
  • Product sampling
  • Cultural immersion
  • Expert panels / interviews
  • Consumer dinners

Together, we hunt for insights that inspire disruptive ideas, define your landscape of opportunities, and create your plan forward.

We can help you...

Quickly generate distinctive & disruptive brand activation ideas
Develop testable written & visual concepts & propositions
Define your brand innovation road map
Fill your brand innovation pipeline

Case study: Twisted Tea

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