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FTSE 100 Company: Growth Strategy

How Might We...

How Might We...

Help our client envision a new destination for their business in 2030 by delivering a unifying, bold vision and a tangible action plan for getting there?


Our client had reams of research on the categories they could pivot towards, but they lacked a vision for the ultimate destination and needed to know the strategic moves for where to play and how to win over time. They came to us with a simple question - where do we go from here?


We started with a four-week sprint to define their 'North Star' destination for 2030, synthesising all their existing data and forecasting the shifting consumer dynamics disrupting their legacy pleasure categories, where they've been a market leader for over a hundred years. This first activity created a clear view of the future categories for an attractive pivot into wellbeing categories.

We then assessed their capabilities to define the categories our client could credibly win. During this sprint, we uncovered a unique but hidden scientific competency, giving them clarity on where to play with a competitive advantage and substantiating their North Star with a powerful storyline that motivates employees and comforts investors.

The next twelve-week sprint focused on defining the strategic moves required to achieve the North Star by detailing their organic plays and creating their five-year product innovation pipeline with well-defined innovation platforms and consumer-validated propositions. We also built a capabilities roadmap through 2030 specifying the new capabilities required to win and detailing the right opportunities to build, buy or venture to accelerate their growth ambition over time.

The two sprints ultimately delivered a unifying, bold vision for 2030 and the tangible action plan for achieving it through the lens of an investors' presentation, which brought the total organic and inorganic portfolio to life and gained enthusiastic management board approval.


Purpose without action and action without purpose are both meaningless. To unlock your true audience potential and accelerate growth, you must interrogate what the brand truly means for your consumers and go to the coal face of culture to find your brand's uniquely authentic place in consumers' hearts and minds.


  • Defined the 2030 vision, growth strategy, and action plan
  • Detailed specific opportunities to build, buy or venture
  • Created the five-year product innovation pipeline

Client Quote

You're inspiring us to transform our portfolio with sharp foresight and an engaging innovation approach - we couldn't do this without you.

Management Board Member