Women's health needs YOU

The women's healthcare market is on the rise with funding rounds exceeding US$1bn for the last two years, despite a slump in overall digital healthcare investment (Techcrunch). So it was no surprise that around 10% of exhibitors at Balance Fest specifically targeted women at the event.

Raising the Standard in Gynae Health

Daye provides easy access to essential female health products that are not readily available through mainstream healthcare, such as period & vaginal care, menstrual pads, CBD tampons and ProViotics. All are backed by science & beautifully designed.

Caring for women's most intimate needs

Intimina provide products for women for every stage of life as well as guides & online tools to help women of all ages care for their health.

The Opportunity:

Brand Loyalty

It's a huge opportunity for brand loyalty, guiding women on their journey across all life stages. It requires brands to offer high-quality products and high-quality service. The brands that can find a way to educate in an informed, accessible, and engaging manner at an accessible pricepoint are the brands that will win in the long-term.

Make Switching Easy

Numerous brands were offering products that enhanced existing rituals, making the shift to better-for-you products much simpler & easier for consumers. Examples ranged from enriched cereals that easily replace traditional breakfast foods to flavorful beverages versatile enough to fit into various drinking occasions.

Apple Cider Vinegar from 'The Mother'

OSU are a Japanese-inspired brand offering a 500ml bottle designed to be consumed across multiple occasions. Going far beyond the traditional shot & encouraging usage across salads, cocktails & beverages to help more people unlock the many gut/brain axis benefits.

High protein cereal

ELEAT comes in two different pack sizes and five different flavours. Focused on the breakfast occasion, but with the added protein benefits, it's helping to make cereal a much more viable snacking option for any time of the day.

The Opportunity:

Deliver taste & benefit in equal measure

Wellbeing brands need to hold their products to the same taste standards as the traditional competition they're trying to disrupt. Consumers are looking for products that make them feel good and taste good, so brands can help them form healthier habits by shifting to better-for-you choices as easy and enjoyable as possible, and taste is the key to unlocking it.

Transparency as Standard

Almost every brand we saw communicated its approach to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and manufacturing processes. Whether it was bone broth or cold brew coffee, it demonstrates how emerging brands can challenge the big brands when it comes to showcasing their commitment to action for people & planet.

Sustainable bone broth

Freja Bone Broth offer four types of broth, all of which provide many gut health benefits. All ingredients are responsibly sourced from independent family farms and come in fully recyclable packaging.

Make customers happier through movement

Rhythm Nutrition aims to help us rely less on painkillers, with products like, Deflame, offering anti-inflammatory natural ingredients in a beverage. They offer radical transparency on their packaging and ingredient sourcing to further distance themselves from traditional supplements.

The Opportunity:

Leaders must follow

With a plethora of emerging FMCG brands entering the market who are radically transparent about their sustainability credentials, big brands must-do more to turn purpose into action and offer greater reassurance for consumers to believe in the brand.

Shots from the event