Client: Wicked & Wonderful

We've long believed in non-binary choices.

For example, there's simply no need to be naughty OR nice, when you can enjoy both.
We put our beliefs to the test when we created Wicked & Wonderful. Inspired by our proprietary FutureCodes we predicted the next confectionary evolution – a functional ingredient chocolate that celebrates all the sinfully good things in life. Sure, everyone's doing that now – but this was in 2013 – far ahead of the currently booming functional foods trend. After shaping the foresight, we put our pastry chefs, creative strategists, designers, packaging experts, and cultural anthropologists through an ImaginAction Sprint. The result: a full line of amazingly intoxicating chocolates.
"Thank you for wrangling the self-control out of unsuspecting, self-respecting chocolate lovers worldwide." - The Dieline
We knew we were onto something when we launched the brand through a Limited Edition release and started to get deliciously appreciative responses. Features in publications like The Dieline and the Drum started ranking the product as a fan favorite with comments like, "So many things about this make me happy. The printing. The paper. The copy. And oh, my, the chocolate. Lavender. Chili. Mmmmm."

We then collaborated with one of the UK's top chocolatiers, Ben Axford, to expand the product range and get it ready for market. Eight years later, Wicked & Wonderful still celebrates the duality of sinfully good indulgences and is available for purchase here.