Client: The Lunartick Society

Purveyors of the Impossible

Curating community & spirited curiosities that help thinkers do.
The Lunartick Society was our first collaboration platform dedicated to bringing devoted dreamers, obsessive tinkerers, and tireless inventors together. Our purpose: challenge the vanguard of limitations and meet every curiosity head-on with unrelenting and uninhibited abandon.

To celebrate the platform launch, we created Moonlight, a new candle brand, and sent it to 100 future Lunarticks worldwide just in time to enjoy the last full moon of 2018. 
In this candle, we capture Moonlight's contrasting energies.
Orange to relax, soothe and relieve tensions. Cinnamon to invigorate, warm, and stimulate the mind. Black represents mystery – the vast infinity of possibility that exists in the absence of all distraction – the universe waiting for its spark.

Inspired by the birthplace of The Mighty Shed, The Age of Enlightenment shone no brighter than in 18th century Birmingham, England, at the very crossroads of scientific evolution and the industrial revolution. Here, the most talented minds of their time gathered to challenge the age's great unknowns. They were the Lunar Society, for they met under a full moon – its powers of illumination both a supernatural mystery and a practical necessity for the journey homeward.

These self-named "Lunarticks" were devoted dreamers, obsessive tinkerers, and tireless inventors, committed to creative experimentation on behalf of the common good. Collectively, they changed the face of industry and commerce, science and art, with the expressed intent "to surprise the world with wonders." Between them, they managed to launch the Industrial Revolution, discover oxygen, harness the power of steam and pioneer, and advance the theory of evolution.

Today, The Mighty Shed proudly carries on their traditions, re-establishing a society inspired by the same founding principles: To meet every curiosity head on, to meet every challenge with workmanlike whimsy – both rigorous and frivolous, unrelenting and uninhibited. And to forever meet by the enlightening brilliance of the full moon.