Client: Futures Decoded

If you could imagine new possibilities for your brand’s future, what might you do differently today?

We decode futures to create foresight-informed brand innovation plans for start-ups & mega brands.
Our FutureCodes approach includes a synthesized understanding of exogenous market forces, emerging cultural responses, and robust semiotic analysis.
The resulting industry and business-specific FutureCodes forecast the significant shifts in how future consumers will live, survive and thrive. We use this foresight to reimagine short, mid, and long-term goals through brand, product, and service innovation.

These highly confidential foresight programs identify future consumer opportunities for innovation supported by inspiring and practical ideation workshops that result in big ideas to win. Sadly, we can't share the foresight programs with you for confidentiality reasons. But you can take a look at our work with Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Pepperidge Farm, – all informed by our FutureCodes approach.