Client: The Future of Retail

What's the next best thing in convenience store shopping?

Just imagine how emerging millennial culture might radically shift convenience store shopping expectations in the next 10 years.
We used our FutureCodes to guide an evolution in strategic planning for a Fortune 500 Company to unlock future opportunities in convenience retail. We started with a global scan of retail innovations and exogenous forces impacting the category. We then used this foresight to guide interviews with millennial consumers and convenience store owners in 10 cities across the US.
We synthesized all of the learning into a future-fit Strategic Framework. The framework included clearly articulated personas for ten emerging cultural tribes and the specific needs that would create growth opportunities for this client. We then used the framework in a series of ideation workshops to co-create a pipeline of brand, product and service innovation platforms for short, mid, and long-term growth.

Our work resulted in five divergent views of the future supported by an innovation pipeline filled with quick wins and big bets. Finally, we partnered with the client to socialize the opportunities with their key account stakeholders. The final program delivered prioritized key initiatives for further investigation and investment, culminating in a bold & believable plan of big ideas to win.