Client: Taco Bell

Going Beyond Basic

Taco Bell was looking for ideas to 'go beyond basic' and create cool beverage experiences.

We started by collecting beverage inspiration from the fringes-to-mainstream culture through interviewing mixologists, chefs, and food scientists. Then, we used interview learnings and our FutureCodes methodology to define six brand innovation platforms for exploration.
Thirsty for more insight from culture, we also went on an Innovation Safari into the Bodegas and Farmers' Markets of Los Angeles, where we shopped for the insights and ingredients to inspire big thinking. Finally, we used this cultural stimulus in ImaginAction Sprints during co-creation sessions in a Tiki Bar and the San Diego children's museum.

Our ImaginAction Sprints resulted in six brand innovation platforms and a beverage innovation pipeline of 35 concepts – inviting consumers to 'Live Mas' by going beyond basic carbonated soft drink wisdom. Taco Bell Frose and the Twisted Freezes at Taco Bell Cantina are the first innovations inspired by this work to go live.