Client: Sweet Gwendoline

Liberation & Imagination in Equal Measure

Sweet Gwendoline brings to the fore an under-represented sub-culture of fantasy and pleasure, one of self-expression, liberation and celebration.
Created by Larry McGearty - our President and Chief Creative officer – and his business partner, Dita Von Teese, the global icon of this sub-culture. Through Sweet Gwendoline, Larry and Dita champion the fetish artistry of John Willie – a man feted as a visionary through his genre-defining work. By defending the right to enjoy consensual pleasure in your own, sweet way, John's legacy lives on.
Sweet Gwendoline brings more to the table in a category that only focuses on provenance, process & flavour. It's a brand that captures the imagination, appealing to our inner desires and fantasies that we so often repress.

Created to help you cross the pleasure threshold, Sweet Gwendoline offers a full-body experience. The bright liquid is infused with Figue de Solliès, a variety of fig grown in the South of France. The experience starts with a sweet entry developed with juniper, citrus, pear and green apple notes. The finish is a lithe and austere blanc de blancs Champagne wine made from Chardonnay grapes.

Through the resurrection of 'Sweet Gwendoline', John's artwork is respectfully brought back into the spotlight, from the bottle inspired by vintage perfume & corset construction to the peephole on the back label through which to view more artwork.

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is now available at select retailers and bars in New York and New Jersey and home delivery. Turn home delivery into a link for purchase