Client: Pepperidge Farm

What’s the next best thing since sliced bread?

Just imagine filling America's breakfast tables with something delicious – that kid's love.
Now imagine that this breakfast is also convenient and nutritious – something moms would love even more. We rose to this challenge by first scanning the world for baked good traditions and innovations.
We then applied our FutureCodes to the scan to concept future rituals like school runs and different modes of play.
Well-armed with foresight, we then hit the streets of Chicago for an Innovation Safari inside Chicago's famous local bakeries. We then workshopped our initial insights and ideas with many moms to further enrich our learning.

Finally, we rolled all of this learning into an ImaginAction Sprint filled with ideation at the French Pastry School. Here, we turned our rough ideas into fully baked concepts in real-time, with the help of French Pastry School Founder – Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer (and his whole brigade of bakers).

As a result of this 8-week program, we developed twelve more than tasty, ready-to-serve concepts and a future-fit innovation pipeline for future moms and kids.