Client: The Macallan Manor

An untraditional approach for a traditional experience inspires new consumers.

For a whisky brand with such a rich authentic heritage and a story firmly rooted in history, it’s important to continue engaging new consumers in a category that can often seem complicated and crowded.
It’s easier to appreciate The Macallan story after an in-person whisky education, traditionally taking place in The Macallan Estate in Speyside, Scotland – where every ounce of the amber liquid is produced.
Instead of issuing thousands of airline tickets, The Mighty Shed worked to bring the scotch whisky tasting experience to 10 markets in the US. Welcome to The Macallan Manor, where curiosity was rewarded through an evening of exploration.

Guests embarked on a journey experiencing how the single malt scotch whisky is created, from acorn to glass. The immersive tasting experience expanded the horizons of sensorial stimulation for each guest, capturing distinct worlds created around each expression of The Macallan whisky.

By reframing the traditional expectations and making it more accessible to new enthusiasts, they've created their very own single malt movement.