Client: Second Life


A second way to 'Open Happiness'
We all know it takes a thousand ideas to get one commercial success. When we built an innovation road map for Coca-Cola's most personal brand touchpoint - the opening closures for bottles and cans - we beat the odds by a significant margin. We generated 25 viable platforms from 200 ideas in under three months using our FutureCodes and ImaginAction Sprints methods.
One of these platforms addressed one of their most significant pain points. Coca-Cola is seen by many as the largest creator of packaging waste in the world. We set out to strengthen the brand by raising awareness on this growing issue in Southeast Asia. The Second Life Packaging Platform inspired a stream of ideas that created alternative uses for old plastic bottles, getting people to think outside of the box about what is disposable and what might have a second life waiting within it.

The idea started on an Innovation Safari to the world's largest packaging collection where we found a vintage bubble blower. The thinking was simple – if we could make a cap for blowing bubbles and give Coca-Cola's brand promise of 'Open Happiness' a second meaning – what else could we make that would give used bottles a second life? Vietnam sponsored the launch of an expanded range of 16 iconic red caps. Each cap transformed used beverage bottles into lamps, paintbrushes, spray bottles, pencil sharpeners, soap dispensers, and more.