Client: Black Orchid

Steeped in Tradition

Discover a new way to stay spiritually rooted while stimulating the mind, body, and spirit with Black Orchid Tea.
Black Orchid creates new moments of mindful meditation and social connection. The brand is steeped in the eastern tradition of Pu-erh Tea, made for the modern world. Pu-erh got its start thousands of years ago in the Yunnan Province of China. Together with Brandon Sadler, we've reimagined Pu-erh for today. As a result, we hope to stimulate the curious conversations that will inspire us to dream of the futures we want to make present in every cup.

As we experimented with the different teas and fermentation times, we knew we had created something special with Black Orchid. The first sip was like a sweet and earthy walk in the deep forest giving us that feeling of being both grounded and alive with energy at the same time. The product ritual is guided by Black Orchid herself in the Manga-inspired guide illustrated by Rising Red Lotus.
Black Orchid starts with a warm welcome.
"My spirit lingers in the forest where the mind palace neon quiets, and the lost ways are found. Here you'll find the ancient now, transcend time, and ascend the higher ground. Come with me and explore the silence stirring, boundary-blurring wisdom of all wide-eyed mysteries revealed. And in this temple sacred moment, we'll know our bond is truly Pu-erh. There is only you and all of me, sharing the unbound ecstasy hidden in the ritual of tea."

And then she walks you step by step through the brewing ritual.

Learn more about Brandon's tea ritual below or purchase Black Orchid here.