Yoni Gebrechristos

Senior Creative Producer

Yoni is here to turn the most imaginative concepts into reality. As Shed’s producer and project manager, he’s inherently skilled in the production of live events and experiences that don’t just stimulate your mind, but all the senses combined. Focused on a strategic approach to connecting brands and their consumers, Yoni’s created a consistent and successful system of collaboration with clients, vendors and community to highlight culture with authenticity that builds brand credibility.

A master in finding relevant ways to blend brand experiences within the nightlife industry and mainstream pop-culture events, Yoni knows how to lead complex execution- especially with all-hands-on-deck, when the pressure is really on. He’s brought AFROPUNK Festival to Atlanta, celebrating black culture and providing a free space for all people, and even partnered with the NBA for All-Star Week to facilitate a week-long event with an organization he’s followed his entire life.

After leaving his last role at a well-known experiential agency, Yoni joined his original team as they came back together at The Shed to continue the culture-shifting work they started years ago.

“The culture is what I connect to the most, we’re always experiencing new ways of creating processes and ideas through collaboration.”