Willy Harris

Senior Designer

Willy is here to produce creative that pushes the brief, developing next level visuals that engage and encourage action among its consumers. He’s all about ideation with intention, using strategic insights to inspire creative that consistently aligns with brand values, while inspiring his peers to do their best work.

That drive to push creative, in and out of the studio, is like second nature to Willy. From strategy to rollout, he’s executed design projects for clients like Union Cyclist International and Kai Tak Sports Park, producing portfolio-worthy visuals while motivating the entire team to work beyond their individual skills and experience. After his time at SomeOne, Graphic Thought Facility and Design by ST, Willy joined The Mighty Shed for its shared value of support, community and collaboration. He’s here to help set the new standard, always searching for that different angle or rough idea to begin the journey towards creating something better in the end.

“I've realized most of the times you try a new trick… you know you're never going to land it, but you still go for it. Gradually, you get closer and closer to perfection, but none of that happens unless you fail first."