Ted Pulton


Ted is The Mighty Shed’s resident Futurist, working to create Future Frameworks that enable clients to assess and anticipate how evolving market forces will impact consumers’ ever-changing needs up to a decade ahead – which sure beats having to react when it’s too late. Focusing deeply on critical thinking, Ted equally converges the creative pursuit with actual mechanisms of business to inspire and produce transformation ahead of the shift.

Having worked at agencies both large and small, Ted’s ability to influence exponential portfolio growth is proven by the hundreds of millions. As a Futurist consultant today, he’s here to connect the dots and re-contextualize the world that lies ahead in a way that clients can trust – confident in their investment into making it happen.

“You don’t build a collective like Shed with platitudes. You live the purpose and vision. That’s what we’re about and when you think about it…that’s magical.”