Sonia Richardson

Global Creative Producer

Sonia is a hybrid voice of the consumer, the client and the creative, offering strategic support to deliver strong work that makes our brands shine. Knowing how to navigate the creative what ifs and why nots, Sonj is focused on solving the problems and exploring the how. Curious about what makes consumers tick, she uses the power of insights to develop full scale creative campaigns that drive the right response from the targeted audience.

Starting her career on the client side gave Sonj a unique perspective of a brand’s needs, and it’s that inherent understanding that’s carried award-winning teams through reimagined strategies for industry leaders like McDonald’s and Shell Oil. She recognized the need for cultural relevance in globally positioning brands like Starbucks and Evian in the international retail space, while navigating regulated markets for a current client’s growing portfolio. Her connection with Angelique and the team is what ultimately brought Sonj to The Shed, where her curiosity is celebrated, and the weirdness inspires.

“Once you watch something incredible happen, your spirits are restored. I love to see things achieved from inception.”