Shay Frey

Strategic Programs Manager

Shay knows how to solve problems using solid strategies with unexpected tactics, and thrives on creating a unifying and memorable experience for consumers. She’s all about building from a big picture perspective. Using a careful combination of analytical thinking and creative brain power, Shay knows how to develop a clear approach to branding, social strategy and web design focusing on a smoother user experience. She’s here to empower the team, uncovering the exact tools they need to reach their target audience and make positive change.

From building websites to content creation, influencer outreach and more, Shay’s experience in digital marketing is not just solid, but diverse. From skincare to food, beverage and even fashion, Shay has a unique ability to provide a strategic approach to brand awareness, helping clients develop, maintain and grow a relevant and significant digital footprint.

In the end, it was the people at Shed that drew Shay in; their commitment to being real, speaking your mind, really caring about the work and always leading by example.

“In the end, it's all about the people. I'm part of the people, you're part of the people, our clients and their customers are, too. If we always keep the human element in mind success is guaranteed.”