Rochelle Flagg

Chief Culture Officer

Rochelle has a natural talent for challenging the status quo by developing innovative strategies and programs to attract, retain and develop its human capital. She’s a true brand innovator who blends human understanding, business skills, and imagination to create ideas that inspire people to fulfill their purpose.

As Partner and Human Resources Branding Consultant, Rochelle’s passion for mentoring has helped our business and our clients’ people and brands continue to grow since 2012. She brings a wealth of insight and experience gained from 25+ years of experience in strategic planning, HR branding, talent acquisition, performance management, learning and organizational development, diversity & inclusion, total compensation, and benefits.

When she’s not helping make magic happen in The Mighty Shed, she can usually be found spending time with her beautiful family and working as a fundraiser to support youth aspiring to attain higher education.

“Workplaces that embody people-first cultures, will ultimately create exceptional customer experiences, deliver high-performance results and positively impact the world.”