Millie Hawkins

Commercial Manager

Millie is all about the money, and getting our people paid. She brings order to the everyday chaos, owning the payroll process and organizing all things finance to keep us on the right side of the taxman. And with 11 years of international accounting experience, she’s a proven expert in multi-currency bookkeeping and business management.

Leading The Shed’s Human Resource initiatives, Millie’s here to steer the development of a more robust and strategic people planning process. Identifying our teams’ strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint future support and streamlining the onboarding process for our people and partners is her main goal, all in pursuit of meeting commercial objectives and profitable growth for the business.

After leaving her last role at HSBC Bank, Millie joined the team where culture, compromise and collaboration come first. Recognizing Shed’s unique ability to find the balance between getting it done and having fun doing it, Millie is as real as it gets: no games, no gossip; actually care and always lead by example.

“I like to bring order to the chaos.”