Melissa Alverson

Experiential Account Director

Melissa concocts creative energies and assembles the nuts and bolts that bring brands to life through an out-of-the-box approach to activation. Focused on cultivating earnest, one-of-a-kind experiences, Melissa is a dot-connector, bringing the right people and places together to see concepts take flight from strategy to their IRL, or virtual fruition. Experienced in culture and field marketing, her professional foundation is built around relationships and communities, with the goal of telling branded stories through projects that allow both artists and clients to shine. She’s passionate about advocating for creative talent, ensuring representation, compensation, and production are fair in any project.

After spending spent six years at Red Bull North America, building relationships within the community, giving wings to people with ideas and bringing credibility to the brand’s experiential music initiatives, Melissa joined the Shed in pursuit of her passion to deliver a human-forward focus to brand building.

“My passion project, in a way, is leadership through empathy — it's a work-in-progress based both in my corporate career and in the humbling experience of wearing every type of hat.”