Matthew Rogers

Creative Director

Matt is here to conceptualize how our brands look and feel, and uncover inspiring ideas that push creative further. Often described as a thinker and a doer, Matt knows how to define engaging visuals and execute like a true creative leader. Sure, he believes the way something looks is important, but it’s the idea that really drives him. He’s all about problem solving and addressing creative challenges as an opportunity.

Having worked on both global marketing teams at Boxer Brand Design and as an independent contractor, Matt’s made his mark on campaigns for industry leaders like Weber, McDonald’s, Unilever, and more. He’s pushed brands to equally explore their expressive point of view, capturing a compelling narrative that translates into creative that tells a story. After having worked with a large number of the Shed crew for most of his career, Matt joined the agency in search of that collaboration and brave approach to creative briefs that Shed is known for.

“I rely on collaboration to create my best work, I can only get so far on my own. It’s that bravery to explore further, to push the status quo and “be different” that helps uncover the best creative.”