Mark Holtham

Senior Designer

Mark is down for anything creative and as The Shed’s resident hype man, he’s here to solve problems with passion. He’s all about telling a story through motion and knows how to breathe life into content in pursuit of delivering a feeling that transcends creative, and holds the ability to affect the audience he’s trying to reach. He’s a multi-talented designer, from artworking to creative development, video editing and animation, to 3D motion graphics, Mark’s goal is to just keep going, and take on bigger challenges as he progresses.

His expertise has been proven through his experience here at The Shed, making his mark on key client projects to define its look and feel through movement, using his own work to carry that vision and energy through to limited-time retail campaigns and product launches alike.

When Mark saw the opportunity to change up his career, he joined the team in the studio and brought a little comedy to the already creative space. He’s here to give back to the community and culture we’ve created through constant collaboration and a relentless commitment to delivering the best every single time.

“.... after all, there’s Emotion in Motion!”