Lauren Hayer

Executive PA

Lauren is the arranger of everything awesome at The Shed, managing the nitty-gritty of projects, processes and people from the beginning to create a more beautiful end. She connects the dots, facilitating globally managed teams and internal operations to improve business functions for tangible results.

As a proponent of hands on learning, Lauren’s experience comes almost entirely from time on the job. Beginning her professional path on the creative side as a copywriter, she made the career-shifting transition into facilities management and finance in search of new inspiring opportunities to make a difference in people’s day-to-day. She’s helped physically orchestrate the merger at Jefferies Group, building out a new office space and home base for expanding teams, and revitalized the administrative department at Leucadia — transforming it into a responsive and cohesive unit. Soon after, Lauren joined the team at Shed drawn to the idea of being human first, and the insistence of always doing the right thing, in the right way.

“What I think a lot of companies forget is that there are people steering the success, and it's not always about the bottom line. Shed invests heavily in their human beings.”