Laney Vaughan

Global Head of Brand Equity

Laney is Shed’s translator and relator, interpreting the client’s thoughts, feelings and position to think beyond the brief. She’s here to bring better solutions that help clients get closer to achieving the long term ambition while also meeting project objectives. Highly skilled in strategy, brand planning and turning insights into action, Laney’s always led with a “how might we” approach to imagine and implement the world of “yes” for brands. Serving as the brand’s binoculars, she helps others understand and believe in what’s possible by reshaping future opportunities into actionable programming within constrained environments.

As a master integrator who drives impactful change across industries, Laney’s experience as a brand leader is as extensive as it is diverse. She’s led image development work for PGA Tour, brand strategy across the RAI companies and the marketing function for Hawthorne Gardening Company. Focused on increasing brand equity and revenue, she’s also led national campaigns, pro consumer relationship development, multicultural marketing, e-commerce, and MasterCard products for The Home Depot Inc. Whether brand marketing, mergers and acquisitions, innovation, or employer brand, Laney knows how to drive engagement, alignment and momentum behind initiatives.

Shed’s values and commitment to quality work that pushes boundaries is what ultimately brought Laney agency-side.

When Laney’s not on deck for clients and the business, she’s likely planning her next safari and supporting her favorite causes: education, mentorship of young women and girls, and wildlife preservation.

“So many organizations say they care about their people, their brands and the culture. The Mighty Shed actually means it, does it, and lives it through and through.”