Kyle Stevenson

Senior Creative Communications Designer

Kyle is an expert in building a visual narrative, highly skilled in his ability to transform the artistic vision expressed into a compelling and effective piece of storytelling. What underpins this, however, is a holistic approach. Working beyond the design, Kyle is a key collaborator in the planning and ideation stage behind the brief and keeps his creative skills versatile outside of the office, enjoying everything from screenwriting to web design.

Before bringing his talents to our team Kyle worked with global ad agencies, production companies, and TV commercial directors to help them articulate their vision. In the process, he worked with over 360 brands across 850 different projects and built his own business as a freelance creative.

Kyle was drawn to Shed by the open creativity and innovation our agency encourages – the ‘‘opportunity to fail’’. This, combined with our supportive, collaborative atmosphere pushed him to take on his first ever permanent role with a company as a former self-employed creative.

“Shed values employees as fellow humans, rewards good work, and let’s everyone contribute to let the best idea win, without ego. It’s a really special place and I hope to be here for quite sometime.”