Jamie Gordon

Chief Disruption Officer

Jamie’s here to push boundaries and sometimes buttons for our clients and Shed as a cooperative, bringing clarity to the path forward. Their scientific experience as a cultural analyst and mastery of strategic storytelling makes them a skilled innovation leader. Known to their peers as the “The Brand Sherpa,” Jamie knows where to unearth inspiring insights and translate the big picture into communications that motivate and inspire diverse audiences.

Jamie’s helped a number of well-known brands find their way; overhauling strategies and navigating a dynamic list of possibilities. At Coca Cola, Jamie worked to humanize its relationship with consumers and reconnected American youth with Volkswagen and Toyota. They developed new-to-the-world brands for Levi’s and helped Anheuser Busch understand the deep culture of Craft Beer. Jamie’s ability to understand and approach uncharted territory, like the consumer’s journey to adopting CBD for health and wellness, has helped brands plan for growth in highly regulated yet still-developing industries.

After 20 years in the brand strategy ecosystem, Jamie gravitated towards Shed with a need to think and do things differently.

“IMAGINACTION is my jam. Everything about looking to the fringes to imagine futures, inspiring people to see them and creating a collaborative path to action.”