Hannah Wood

Senior Designer

Hannah is a key asset for The Shed, always delivering a consistent level of attention to detail in creative execution. As our head of designer processes, she leads the use of creative platforms, asset management and visual licenses within the studio, and is known for her extensive knowledge and understanding of creative legality. Focused on a big picture approach to digital campaigns and production, Hannah has a unique ability to contribute in every stage of creative development; she’s our trusted eye for quality control and an executional sounding board for fellow designers and clients alike.

Hannah’s been since here day 1, and while her long-standing relationship with the agency’s leaders brought her here, it’s Shed’s commitment to setting the new standard, tapping into personal potential by providing opportunities within the organization that’s allowed her to reimagine the future. Like The Shed, she believes in perseverance, and stepping outside of your comfort zone in pursuit of progress.

“Always move forwards, always step outside what’s easy and comfortable. "Comfort is the enemy of progress,” always persevere even if it’s difficult. Be determined, and always mindful.”