Glynn Harvey

Art Worker

As Shed’s resident Artworker, Glynn breathes life into creative concepts. It’s his job to keep our projects looking fantastic both in print and in-store. With the benefit of 12 years of experience, he understands exactly how to tweak or shape a creative idea for it to thrive in its medium.

Before joining the Shed team, Glynn worked with national and international brands like Pixar and Disney to build state-of-the-art promotional campaigns with a special touch. As methodical thinker, he works from the ground up striving to understand every technical intricacy of a project before it’s completed. By fully exploring the processes behind his work, he’s able to use cutting-edge methods that deliver results.

Behind his analytic mind lies a creative with a genuine love for the artistic process. When he’s not working, Glynn finds himself cycling long distances with his camera in search of a nice landscape or old advertisement to photograph. It’s that creative freedom, and the shared commitment to staying innovative that brought Glynn to the team.

"The opportunity to progress drew me to Shed… Artwork has been increasingly commoditized in recent years and Shed really value the process."