David Green


David is here to help steer the ship, making sure our people and partners have exactly what they need to get the job done. From finance to technology and international business administration, David leads The Shed’s internal operations and is highly skilled at blending best practice and process with purpose.

Having worked for large and small companies has given David a unique perspective across the board. His career began in the advertising industry, producing brand strategies alongside design teams hustling 80 hours a week. He spent the 90’s working in San Francisco during the tech boom and realized it’s better to make the machine do the hard work, while the human does the thinking. And with ten years of experience in ad sales at The Wall Street Journal, David’s proven that an individual actually can make a difference to a big organization.

He knew it would be cool to belong to a small collective of creatives, so he joined The Shed, where the people, and the culture share his “no bullshit” way of working.

“I've worked in different environments, with all sorts of different people, and I'm fairly good at spotting the danger.”