Daniel Edwards

Creative Artworker

Daniel is a multi-disciplined creative on the never-ending journey of pushing and perfecting his craft. Starting as a graphic artworker, Dan developed his design skills to take things to the next level, introducing digital animation and motion editing to his toolkit within a year of joining The Shed. He’s here to challenge his own creative point of view, bringing static visuals to life and always asking “why” to better understand not just his role, but the approach to a brief that’ll deliver the unexpected, always in search of that wow factor.

Starting off in design for brands like Puma, KFC, Heineken and Pizza Hut, Dan’s always found it fulfilling to see his work displayed on a global scale, and that passion was reignited when he joined The Shed to work on industry leading brands that push forward to find their future. And while the company’s culture was what drew Dan in, it was Shed’s commitment to personal growth and development that’s kept him here. He believes in creative output that breaks boundaries, and knows that if you desire a different outcome, you must first change the formula.

“Imagination is the playground and palette for creativity.”