Chris Williams

Director of Culture & Partnerships, Cult Division

C.Will concocts and curates cultural moments by harnessing the creative voice and energy of a community so that they’re not just celebrated, but elevated. Here to point out the “why,” he helps clients develop a full circle approach to building strong, relevant connections that bridge the gap between a brand and their consumers. C.Will’s all about cultural momentum and not just tapping into a moment, but becoming an ally to the communities at the forefront.

Noted for a unique and wide network of talent, creatives, and industry reps, his credibility as a cultural connector is solidified through the 6 degrees of C.Will. He’s been called in to consult world-class marketing agencies and iconic brands to conceptualize relevant and authentic strategies to branded experiences that win the hearts, and minds of its consumers.

Always prioritizing people over profit, C.Will joined The Shed for its focus on empowering individuals to be their own starter upper, which is his daily source of happiness, right here and now.

“The idea that as long as we can make it make sense, what we can do is pretty incredible. It’s that type of thought process that’s great ammo for going into the day.”