Brian Compton

Managing Director US

Brian bridges the gap between concepts and concrete, from strategic initiatives to production. He’s the steward of what’s possible, using data and messaging research, technology, and conversion funnels to help guide storytelling throughout the consumer journey. Brian’s the brain behind the brief, driving the development of deliverables by imagining tactical solutions to both brand campaigns and full-scale business objectives alike.

His knowledge is broad from education to experience. As a novel writer trained in color theory, Brian made his mark across the board, from creative consulting to global marketing agencies and smaller shops. He led an Argentinean-based design team through the smartphone boom, introducing the launch of new-to-world technology and influenced the evolution of PR, creating social media and design & development departments at his former agency to answer the current needs of the industry. He’s all about turning ideas into output and has a proven record of rebuilding a major brand after acquisition, repositioning its leading product within the entire portfolio.

As one of the first, Brian joined The Mighty Shed in search of building big-time brands with a crew of geniuses.

“The role of mojo in any group dynamic is so important, and we’re never done learning.”