Aliya Akhtar

Accounting Assistant

Aliya joined the Shed to kickstart her career and help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Shed’s finance division. Bringing a fresh perspective straight out of University, Aliya’s ability to interpret complex finance regulations, while understanding the US tax system and the fundamentals of business management in a foreign state is key to the internal growth of the agency. She handles all bank reconciliations, monthly tax calculations, financial inquiries, expense payments, and the department relies on her keen eye for detail.

After completing a first-year placement at an accounting practice, Aliya’s role progressed into a financial assistant where she developed the skills that would ultimately lead her to The Mighty Shed, handling tax code and business registration for clients like Red Bull, and company operations overall. Like Shed, she believes in the standard of freedom, and the flexibility to work outside of the box.

“Everyone is different, so people are going to work differently and for me, knowing Shed supports that value is very refreshing. It gives people the space to work on their own terms, so long as they can get the job done, and I absolutely love that.”