Ali Carbone

Creative Messaging Strategist

Ali is the voice and gatekeeper of creative communications coming out of The Shed. She’s here to make the messages make sense, working to define and develop a strategic approach to tonality for our clients and partners alike. Focused on authenticity and using language to evoke a feeling, she knows how to engage an audience and tell a story, bringing brands to life through clear and distinct personality. She’s all about finding inspiration in the everyday, pulling fresh and relevant ideas to the forefront of creative concepting and collaborating with designers to support a cohesive, targeted message along the way.

Starting client-side, Ali learned early on how to embody the sound of an audience and to not speak to them, but with them. She’s led the social media and marketing initiatives over at AriZona Beverages, working alongside the executive team to grow and maintain its digital presence. Today, clients have even coined Ali’s unique sound as “Ali-tude,” restoring the iconic voice of its leading brand.

Ultimately it was Shed’s collective nature that drew her in, leaving the corporate life for a creative one in search of an opportunity to do things differently.

“You better WORK queen!”