Alex Bailey

Digital Designer

Alex is a creative thinker and versatile designer who can knows how to create magic in print, animation, and digital. His current focus is the latter – the breadth of creativity in the digital space means he can combine his talents to create truly dynamic imagery onscreen. A naturally curious mind, he constantly looks to understand the new creative methods bringing the world around us to life. He brings this mindset to the Shed, working to turn original concepts into real campaigns for our clients.

Alex cut his teeth working with MG on the launch of their latest vehicle, for which he created online, newspaper, and showroom assets, among others. He quickly took on a senior-level workload early in his career, allowing him the adaptability and confidence to take on high-level challenges aside the communications team at Shed.

After witnessing first-hand the enthusiasm and commitment the team has for their craft, Alex joined the Shed with a continuous desire to push boundaries and challenge the norm.

“What I love the most about the industry we work in is you can always learn something new from everyone”