Isolation! What isolation?

While many companies struggled to adapt to life less connected, we didn’t realize The Mighty Shed was already set for success in lockdown.

Hello everyone and welcome!! This isThe Mighty HUDDLE!

Years ago, we invented The Mighty Huddle, a 9am EST / 2pm GMT daily Zoom meeting—where the only formality has been the freedom to share, motivate and inspire one another.

To keep the daily call fresh, we share inspiration from different cultures and media genres; we know inspiration and wisdom can come from anywhere. We bonded over across-the-pond collaborations and assembling puzzles of sorts, shipping half-baked and finished art to each other IRL to share progress and build on each other’s ideas virtually. [Thank you Postal Workers of America and the U.K.; you helped us maintain vital human connections and made it possible for us to continue to co-create together.]

During the pandemic, word began to spread to clients of The Mighty Shed as they were wondering how we were still feeling so connected when everything in the world suddenly went virtual. We can’t lie, through it all we’ve been hyped up, psyched up and ready for the daily catch up and the standing appointment across oceans and time zones couldn’t be better. The HUDDLE continues to give all Sheddies in the U.S. a vital boost to start their day and U.K. Sheddies receive an uplifting push to press on through a successful afternoon.

Even though the HUDDLE started before the pandemic, we’ve recently recognized its profound impact on our culture and how it’s nurtured us daily. None of us, however, realized how much The HUDDLE was going to be a necessity for our new isolated work life—giving new meaning to our new normal. And for that, we’re grateful.