Headshot anyone???
No takers? Surprising!

Who loves to sit for professional portraits? What does the traditional headshot really communicate anyway? Maybe, there’s a better way… because everyone has a story.

At The Mighty Shed, we embrace people’s uniqueness with warmth, levity and appreciation. And it’s a very rare occasion that we take the tried-and-true path to anything related to Shed culture…including people. Sure, we could make people sit for a professional portrait in their Sunday best, but that wouldn’t be us. And what’s a headshot anyway?

Agencies are always looking for clever ways to reframe the image and intro of their people. We decided to honour the full person, and what’s make them truly special. It’s a belief that being yourself and being accepted makes it easy to simply do great work.

Each new Shed employee is interviewed by a designer who then creates a custom poster that acts as a visual and artistic introduction to each Sheddie’s values, history and uniqueness…all in a way that’s 100% on-culture for who we are. Our designers design to great effect, but they also listen. And we mean really deeply to what makes each individual tick. And we do it because we care. Treating our newbies with the same warmth we bring to client engagements, our designers tailor the artistic expression to the person’s vibe, values and passions without getting too abstract. It’s personal, complex, but also endlessly fun as it never gets old.

Whether wet-eyed appreciation, stunned silence or searing screams of “OOHHHhhh MY GOD,” the question that always follows is, “how’d you capture me so well??” Every time we add a new Sheddie to the family (and there’ve been many this year!), their poster is unveiled on our shared internal workplace feed with a “ladies and gentlemen….INTRODUCING….!!!!” We “ooooh” and “aaaaaah” and coo; then mash keyboard keys to rave, support and welcome the newbies in.



Yes, we are a think tank of strategists and creators, but everyone has a story; a supporting visual of that story is far more interesting than a headshot could ever be. That story is now part of a journey where our lives intersect at The Mighty Shed, including this intersection, which you’re experiencing right now.

And since you’re here, welcome.
We’d love to introduce you to the gang.