Imagine a future where the entire world centres around you.

Opti-Me describes a future where the world will be dramatically different. Imagine a world where every customer touchpoint – for products and services – is perfectly tailored to your needs. Powered by big data, we'll be able to control what, when & how the perfect product or experience is delivered to us.


Why is this important for Brands?

The rise of personalisation has been fast. The likes of Netflix, Amazon, Stitchfix, Spotify & Starbucks have already proven the case for personalised product recommendations across multiple & varying categories, all powered by big data. 

And now, we are entering the hyper-personalisation era. Technology breakthroughs, from wearables to brain-computer interfaces, mean that the future looks like we can reach 100% optimisation; from what we experience to how we feel, inside & out. 

What's driving all of this?

It's time to keep up - hyper-personalisation is emerging across all categories of products & experiences, so keeping up is crucial. The next generations will demand hyper-personalised experiences, and they've never known a world without it.

Data shows that this is happening right now.

Signs of the era of hyper-personalisation are already emerging, from research surveys to the prophecies of future-minded thinkers:

77% of Gen Z believeit’s important to customise interactions

with, 76% looking for companies to send them digital communications so they can customise themselves based on their preferences.

84% of consumers areinterested in personalised products

and many would not hesitate to pay more to get them.

Consumers respond more positivelyto hyper-personalised online advertising

with a majority of consumers in both the UK (61%) & US (54%).


Do you know your consumers' future needs and what hyper-personalisation means for them and you?


Hidden Needs Research: Uncover consumers' hidden needs to create meaningful brand and product innovation opportunities.

Our Hidden Needs research explores how people construct meaning for what they need from brands and products through in-depth interviews.

Our approach explores how individuals experience and interpret reality differently by devising and navigating their unique personal constructs, which subconsciously guide their brand and product preferences. We uncover the meaning of their constructs through structured compare and contrast discussion, which results in a rich understanding of their hidden needs.

Brand Exemplars

Several intelligent brands are already paving the way towards a future hyper-personalised world:

Personalised airports

Delta's new Parallel Reality display board is an airport flight information board that shows personalised messages, information & wayfinding to customers who walk past. Each customer can see their version of the screen via a clever pixel display.

My biome skincare

Skin Trust Club is taking personalisation to the next level; users are sent a kit to take a sample of their skin microbiome, with resulting product recommendations tailored to this exact score & their skin's individual needs.

Digital concierge

Oaky is a personalised app platform that allows hotels to offer custom digital concierge services; personalised landing pages offer unique discounts, upgrades & experiences to new arrivals to the hotel.

AI drinks

Indian tea café chain Chaayos is now offering a staggering 80,000 different customised tea options. Created by an IoT-enabled tea bot, the AI-powered software also uses facial recognition to remember exact tea orders & to enable faster payment.

Tooth tracking

Scientists at Tufts University have developed a tooth-based wearable that can track the wearer's intake of salt, glucose & alcohol. The sensor adheres to the tooth like a sticker & can help with conditions such as diabetes & coeliac disease, as well as weight loss.

Personalised TV

The BBC is working with the University of Surrey to create bespoke TV experiences; the technology, powered by AI, would allow users to adjust the programme duration, enhance the dialogue if they're in a busy place, or add extra graphics.