Kindred Kind

Imagine a future where the best of the collective human spirit is powered by digital technology: supercharging human connections.

Kindred Kind describes a future where humans increasingly use technology to seek out connection with kindred spirits: generating collective strength by collaborating with those that share the same values, beliefs and interests.

We call this the Democraverse.


Why is this important for Brands?

The Democraverse is the metaverse realising its potential online & in real life: connecting people, businesses, and organisations. Where these communities form, brands must follow, enabling them to supercharge their values, and giving them more depth and meaning to consumers.

What's driving all of this?

The human need to connect has always been here, but the contemporary world makes us feel less connected. The pandemic; planetary breakdown; war; social media; economic inflation & inequality are forcing us to ask: whom can we trust? What should we believe? What future should we fight for?

These turbulent times are forcing us to seek solace & take action by connecting with others in new & more enterprising ways.

Data shows that this is happening right now

Signs of a desire to connect, collaborate & take positive action are already happening across the globe:

The pandemic has led 48% of people to feel more of a desire to connect to a community

a leap of 18% according to Forrester Research's Consumer Energy Index score.

78% of respondents want brands to help people connect

A study from Sprout Social shows that 78% of respondents want brands to use social media to help people connect.

74% of crypto holders are men

Representation in the democraverse space has been one-sided and with as many as a quarter of consumers set to use the metaverse daily by 2026, according to Gartner research, it's clear that it needs to be an inclusive & welcoming space for all.


How could you deepen the connection between your brand and consumers by harnessing the power of the Democraverse?


Innovation Safaris: Learn from the leading edge of culture to inspire your team, spot new opportunities, and create an innovation plan to take back to the business - all within one week.

Our Safari programmes generate unexpected and original insights by hunting in markets representing the leading edge of culture through highly curated and immersive experiences. Our ambition is to identify actionable insights, rapidly fill your brand innovation pipeline with robust ideas, and help cross-functional teams to think and act differently.

Brand Exemplars

Several early-adopter brands & causes are already using digital technology to super-power positive action for their communities:

Community spirits

Dictador Rum's ArtHouse Spirits DAO is the world's first NFT-powered community for high-net-worth individuals. Members can access networking & educational events in an exclusive Discord server & also gain a small percentage of ownership in the brand's rum inventory. 

Powerful communities

The Power Station is a project selling artwork to fund the installation of solar-powered panels in an East London street, creating a hyper-local crowdfunded power station. 

Greater good data

Strava Metro is a platform using global heatmap data from more than 3 trillion users to create better bike & pedestrian infrastructure in cities. 

Inclusive events

Degree deodorant has recently held the world's first Metaverse marathon in Decentraland, featuring disabled avatars & an inclusive marathon course. 

Co-created brands

Burger DAO allows NFT-purchasing members to join a global community of 'food & web3 enthusiasts', with perks such as creating franchise names, locations & menus.