Corporate Storytelling:
A Design Journey

Presentation is an art form. It’s a deftly balanced performance requiring precision—be that in word choice, visual aid, or pacing.

Most senior executives and department heads know this already and recognize that presentations are launchpads that can change the course of careers and business.

At The Mighty Shed, we’ve seen huge growth in commercializing presentations and corporate storytelling. On its own, great presentations are valuable assets for any leader—helping them dodge the pitfalls of confusion, distracted audiences, and interoffice competition. We’ve become a welcome partner on a journey to communicate great ideas more effectively.

When a client needs a certain idea communicated, there are always certain questions to keep in mind:

Who is the Audience? What’s the Message? What’s the Hook?

Getting the narrative right is mission critical, but text-heavy slides will always be forgotten or ignored. We’ve enjoyed partnering with clients to usher in a visual conversation with the audience.

This can mean many things. Maintaining a visual flow throughout the presentation. Keeping the audience aligned and focused with visual maps on each slide. Design hierarchy complete with crafted typography, considered color, killer imagery, and an effective use of space. Visually maximized content makes it easy to get one’s audience on board, activate discussion and garner appreciation.

The Mighty Shed now has a dedicated team of graphic designers specializing in visual communications for corporate storytelling. Our point of view is that presentations are simply another canvas for creativity and powerful ideas. We use conventional software in highly unconventional ways to create stellar, impactful results for our clients that make them famous in the halls of their organizations.

It can be easy to overlook the importance of a breakthrough presentation in business. But the creation of visual stories for corporate environments will always be essential in marketing, innovation, sales, and other commercial functions. Presentations incite movements and momentum for ideas. The Mighty Shed makes those ideas land, every time.


Jolly Hanspal
Design Communications Director


Illustration: Kelly Gates (Snr. Creative Comms Designer)