Innovating Beyond the Fountain for Taco Bell

Going 'Beyond the Fountain'


Our client wanted to explore the brand potential of expanding their drinks offer to become as synonymous with Live Mas as their food is.

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We created a 3-week Safari program that tapped into the brand's 'fringes-to-mainstream' community. First, we talked with the experts – mixologists, chefs, and food scientists to hunt for inspiration & opportunities. Then we went on Safari into the Bodegas and Farmers' Markets of Los Angeles, where we shopped for the insights and ingredients to inspire big thinking.

We used the Safari insights and our Future Codes as the stimulus for an Innovation Sprint, where we held co-creation sessions in a Tiki Bar and the San Diego children's museum.

The program resulted in six brand innovation platforms and 36 concepts – inviting consumers to 'Live Mas' by going beyond the fountain.


  • 3-week Safari program
  • 4 brand innovation platforms
  • 36 beverage concepts


Launch of 2 own-brand drinks

“ The program went beyond what we were expecting; not only did we get inspired with fresh insights - we had a fantastic bonding experience across functions that rarely get to spend much quality time together. ”

Head of Innovation, Taco Bell