Finding the Healthier Options in Baked Goods

Finding the next best thing since sliced bread.


Our client wanted to give their core audience of time-starved mums with little ones new delicious breakfast options their kids would love to eat that they could also feel good about serving.

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We rose to the challenge by scanning the world for baked goods trends to define the initial innovation platforms. We then applied our FutureCodes to the scan to envision future rituals impacting school runs, competing with screen time and ingredient preferences.

Well-armed with fully detailed innovation platforms, we hit Chicago streets for an Innovation Safari inside Chicago's famous local bakeries, followed by an Innovation Sprint at the French Pastry School. Here, we turned our rough ideas into fully baked concepts in real-time, with the help of French Pastry School Founder – Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer (and his whole brigade of bakers). Part of the sprint included co-creation with moms to further enrich our learning.

As a result of this 8-week program, we developed twelve ready-to-serve concepts that were incredibly tasty, yet packed with nutrition, a future-fit innovation pipeline for happy mums and kids.


  • Custom Trend Report
  • 6 Innovation Platforms
  • Breakfast Innovation Pipeline
  • 12 ready-to-serve concepts


A future-fit innovation pipeline for future moms and kids

“ Your approach really opened my eyes - it's been a long time since we've been in a bakery - and the inspiration we got has applications well beyond the scope of this initiative. ”

Head of Product Development